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Spring willow green, green plant Huanxinya

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  Spring in March, the Central Plains everywhere witnessed a lively scene. Spring brings hope things auxin, with Yingge enchanting warmth, strode to us.

  In this thriving Spring is the best season green. Green plant main purpose is to create health, clean, beautiful environment, facilitate the work of employees, rest and physical and mental health, while improving the microclimate, prevention is the main way "three wastes" (waste gas, waste water, solid waste) pollution. With the new plant fully operational, in order to give all employees to create a more warm, beautiful work and living environment, the company attaches great importance to plant landscaping work will be concentrating on the chairman to appoint someone to be responsible for a total investment of 1.05 million yuan, purchase engineering materials, artificial trees and inputs, respectively, in 2014 and 2015, two spring greening of the plant.

  After landscaping plant, look Huanran a "green." Looking ahead, evergreen plant accounted for a third of the green area, surrounded by green belts each workshop and green trees. Each house is nestled in among the trees and flowers, embodies the "poetic dwelling." Spring in March, the pan-green lawn, the more green laurel, and peach Shining, the scenery more pleasant. Spare, beautiful factory environment is relaxing gardens, it is a beautiful landscape, relax, entertainment leisure time for employees.

  Billboards, workshops, office buildings, apartment buildings everywhere corporate culture, management system and production safety publicity slogans, people look at the eyes, but also to implement in mind in action, lead and inspire every employee behavior habits and values. Today, everyone is familiar with Delta's corporate culture, increasingly beautiful factory environment, employee behavior more and more standardized, environmental construction has been further sublimation. Warm, harmonious ecological environment of the staff closely unite together, inspire, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff and creativity, to promote the company's sustainable development laid a solid foundation.

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