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Dream of flying, sailing, "the company held a grand 2014

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  February 16, sunny, spring, 2014, the company will be held in Changge Hotel. Charles Zhang, chairman and general manager with the staff Mameiying total of more than 130 people gathered to join the festivities. Meeting chaired by the Deputy Chief Weifeng high, sub-annual work plan and summary recognition and awards, theatrical performances in three parts. Meeting intense but orderly, serious and lively, in earnest, objective, comprehensive summary of 2014 while working on the 2015 work reasonable, effective and detailed planning and deployment, a significant outcome of the meeting, staff good response.

  1. Review: to better forward

  Looking back on 2014, the company got a new job promotion, A stable production line, B line equipment installation nearing completion, logistics work steadily. Over the past year, the face of the severe economic situation, the company adhere to the "stability" of ideas, vigorously implement the strategy of scientific management to improve product quality as the center, consolidating infrastructure management as the foundation, and comprehensively promote enterprise management, has achieved certain results. At the meeting, Minister Pang Xiaolong sales, production and general manager Gu Ting, executive vice president high Weifeng, respectively, in 2014 sales, production, operations and review a summary of the work done.

  Mameiying general manager at the meeting, pointed out that the presence of the company in 2014, work problems, and in 2015 a comprehensive plan tasks, clearly spelled out guidelines under the company further work, annual objectives and priorities, do the work and put forward specific requirements throughout the year. 2014 continue to adhere to the requirements of the general tone while maintaining stability, in order to protect the first production line for the production of A main front (strengthening basic management, improve product quality), full support for the new production line B project focus (try the second quarter test machine, stable production in the third quarter), to enhance the overall strength of the target (continue to enhance its logistical support capabilities and services), all aspects of personnel training, pay and other changes to make detailed plans and arrangements.

  Chairman Zhang made an important speech at the meeting. In his speech, careful analysis of the current situation of the industry and enterprise development, depicting the company's bright prospects for development. He called on every Delta people should have the courage to dream, dare to dream, dreams diligent in adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, sensible, diligence, responsibility," the company's core values, customer-focused, to create brand Delta mission to work, relentless pursuit, with hard work and sweat to create a Delta company more brilliant future.

  2. Incentives: the pace of forward momentum

  In recognition of advanced, to set an example, encouraging all staff to actively forge ahead, forge ahead spirit, the company will be "excellent staff" selection every year, this year has increased the number of seats allocated in the 2014 fiscal year 15 "excellent staff" and their families were commended . Over the past year, Delta people every point made achievements are inseparable from the efforts of all staff and support, without the support of their families. Is the driving force, the company will continue to move forward and develop.

  Presentation link on the length of service award, bonus award staff, excellent staff bonuses and prizes awarded. By the end, the company employs 135 people, including 106 people got seniority bonuses awarded, accounting for 76% of employees. More than 40 managers at all levels have been awarded bonus prize. The award-winning staff said they would continue to improve their cultural literacy and vocational skills, with a higher standard to their own requirements, prudent, persistent efforts, continue to improve.

  3, leap: the dream of flying, happy sailing

  Horse speech unremitting Pentium Trinidad Chi, Xian-year-old Ram greet with joy 10,000 Spring. Spring Festival is the Chinese nation's grand festival, theatrical performances last meeting, the climax of the annual meeting venue immersed in a sea of joy. There are theatrical songs, square dance, San Juban, cucurbit flute and many other types of company employees use work time gap, creating and rehearsing together for positive content, lively form of pleasure, which fully reflects Delta people longing desire for a better life.

  With the annual meeting of the spring, all employees with a dream, with a blessing, the hope and vision, overtaken by the power split Jing chopped spine, sailing. 2015, Delta will work closely together, through thick and thin, solid foundation management, pragmatic and intensive farming to produce results; you, my team, to create a "Delta Dream"!















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