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The company collective dinner

Number of visits: Date:2016-01-21

  February 27, opening day of spring, the company's annual dinner event held at the hotel kanglida. All employees 130 people, had a lively joy and peaceful night.

  Dinner, a toast to you the message of General Manager Ma Meiying, thanks for the hard work of employees, the company's performance flourishing. Cheerful dinner in a lively atmosphere, we toasted each other, take a photo, leaving bursts of laughter. The dinner event among employees so foreshadowing a good platform for exchange and communication, immersed in the warm affection of the heart in human care, imperceptibly into every corner, so that each employee is deeply homely warmth. To narrow the distance between employees, but also enhance the company's cohesion, solidarity. People enjoy it, memories.

  Although the party only a few hours, but the company felt the atmosphere of unity and harmony company has such a vibrant and full of combat effectiveness of the team, the work we are like-minded colleagues, pragmatic truth, solidarity and cooperation;! Life more a brotherhood of friends, caring and helpful. I believe in such a warm family among all employees to tap their potential to create greater glory!

  By 2015, the new year carries a new dream, Delta will toward a better life, away from!

  18, congratulated the company approved the establishment of engineering and technology research center

  The end of January, from Xuchang City Science and Technology Bureau, the second half of 2014, the company reported high performance offset printing plates Xuchang City Engineering Technology Research Center, one-time through expert review, approval smoothly.

  2014, according to the work plan the company attaches great importance to technology patent applications, high-performance offset printing plates Xuchang City Engineering Technology Research Center and resource-efficient enterprise reporting. By the end, 19 technology patents and high-performance offset printing plate Xuchang City Engineering Technology Research Center is approved, the preliminary results of the company's independent intellectual property rights, to lay the foundation for the next high-tech enterprises to declare. At the same time, fully reflects the company's technology-first, market-oriented long-term development path.






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