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  • 产品名称: HD-3 type Positive thermal CTP
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  HYD-3 type positive thermal CTP version features:

  1. high sense

  2. Market compatibility

  3. Unique hydrophilic treatment, good ink-water balance


  Model: HYD-3 type Positive thermal CTP

  Uses: commercial printing and newspaper printing

  Thickness: 0.15 a 0.3mm

  Model: sense infrared, positive-working version of the base: electrochemical graining, and anodized aluminum substrate hydrophilic treatment exposure energy: 120mj / cm *

  Photosensitive wavelength: 830nm

  Resolution: 1 a 99% @ 2401pi / 10

  Coating: Blue

  Working environment: bright room

  Strong stability: There are all imports of high-speed automatic CTP production line, pipe production process standardization, product parameters are very stable. Cost-effective: the use of high sensitivity coated plate high efficiency, extend the life of the laser platesetter. Printing plates high resistance to printing.

  Easy to apply: bright room, rapid exposure and without preheating.

  Superior quality: high resolution, up to 10um Fm network, to restore the good level of detail and print.

Laser type
Sensitive wavelength
Exposure energy
1% to 99%@250tip
India rate
Not roasted 100,000, baked version 5,00,000 (according to the actual printing environment and a little change)
FM network
Plate making machine
All thermal imaging platesetters include: Agfa, Kodak, Heidelberg, screen and Presstek
Developing machine
All suitable for the thermal positive CTP version of the developer
Developing solution
It is recommended to use a 140D thermal positive developer or a Coriolis developer
Protection of plastic
Recommend the use of 140G special protective adhesive
Developing conditions
The temperature of the developer is between 22 and 23 ° C
Development time 30 soil 5secinds
Supplementary amount of I00ml / m2
Baked version of the conditions
Use 140B baking solution
Fixed oven: 220-230 ° C
working environment
Ming room
Shelf Life
Fifteen months (in the recommended storage environment)
Transportation and storage
Flat, temperature 15 to 25 ° C, relative humidity 60%

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