Huida Mission

Serve Customers with the Plate of Excellence
to become a career, cultivate one's mind and cultivate one's morality
to repay the society with gratitude, reason and responsibility

Huida Vision

Company commitment within 10 years:
Domestic and international printing enterprises prefer Huida
Domestic and international professional talents to do business prefer Huida
Company will achieve an annual output of 30 million square meters and an output value of 0.6 billion yuan
Company will train 5 general managers, 10 directors and 20 department managers
Company will realize a housing dream of 100 employees over 100 square meters
Company will realize a salary dream of 100 employees with an annual salary of 1 million

Business philosophy

Make high-efficiency and high-quality products and pursue win-win cooperation

Core Values

integrity, pragmatic, reasonable, diligent, responsibility

Corporate Style

Keep an eye on the market, be honest and trustworthy, and seek truth from facts on the spot

Team Philosophy

Everyone seeks truth and pragmatism, helps each other and achieves you and me

Growth Idea

Continuous learning, self-growth, so that they have more valuable ability

Salary Concept

Salary is the result of your labor that you actively put into action

Quality Concept

careful, meticulous, self-inspection, mutual inspection, character determines product

Execution Idea

According to the goal, there is no way to borrow, immediate action, the pursuit of perfection