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Developer PD-PS

Product Classification:

1. Strong developing ability
2. Stable performance
3. The developed plate has clear dot, high resolution, bright image and white non-image part.


Developer PD-PS

Product Details

Huida Yangtu ps version developer is suitable for the processing of imported and domestic versions. It has the characteristics of strong developing ability, stable performance, clear dot of the washed version, high resolution, bright image, white non-image part, etc. Can be used for machine display and hand display.

developer preparation: concentrated solution: water volume = 1:4-1:8

developing temperature: 23±2 ℃ (too high temperature will make the plate dot reducibility worse, and at the same time cause low printing resistance; If the stability is too low, the development will not be transparent)

developing time: 25s-60s

storing condition: storing

between 5 ℃ and 30 ℃

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