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HD-HL CTCP plate

Product Classification:

1. Wide adaptability
2. Good flatness
3. Large tolerance for exposure and development
4. Unique hydrophilic treatment, good ink balance


HD-HL CTCP plate

Product Details

Product Type Positive UV-CTP(CTCP) Version
Product Type Positive UV-CTP(CTCP) Plate
Color Blue Blue
Applicable Type Commercial Printing, newspaper printing and light printing
Application Type Commercial Printing, Newspaper Printing and Light Printing
plate characteristics high sensitivity, good flatness, exposure and development tolerance, good printing adaptability, good stability
Plate Features

Fast sensitivity, good flatness, large exposure and developing latitude,steady quality

Compatible with Plate Maker Beth Printing Basysprint, Rosen Luscher, Cron, Asikai Amsky,
Compatible Plate setter
Edition Base 1050/1060 Alloy Special CTP Edition Base
Aluminum Aluminum Alloy 1050/1060 standard special for CTP plates
Edition Base Thickness 0.15mm ,0.2mm, 0.25mm,0.30mm
Plate Thickness
Maximum Short Side Size 1350mm
Maximum Coil Width
Photosensitive Wavelength 400-410nm UV Laser
Spectrum Wave Length
Exposure Energy 50-60mj/c㎡
Exposure Energy
Development Temperature 22-26 ℃
Developing Temperature
Development Time 25-35S
Developing Time
Safety Lamp operation under yellow light
Safe-light Under yellow light
resolution 1-99% at 200lpi
printing resistance

non-baked version 100000 printing; roasted version 200000 printing. Note: The printing rate varies with the printing conditions and imaging content.

Run Length

100,000 copies unbaked,200,000 copies after baking

(Actual run length may vary according to machine, ink, paper conditions)

shelf life 18 months
ShelfLife 18 Months
storage conditions temperature: 10-25 ℃, humidity 40% ~ 60%. Avoid light, moisture, sealed storage, stacking not more than 1.5 meters
Storage Conditions The recommended storage conditions are 10-25 ℃,with 40%-60% humidity
  Keep away from sunlight and humidity. Pack height no more than 1.5 meters


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