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Changge Huida photosensitive material Ltd.

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Company news
[Huida News] Leaders of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission came to Huida to guide the work
On the afternoon of August 16th, leaders of Henan Development and Reform Commission Wang Jijie, Li Zifeng, etc., accompanied by Zhang Bingjun and other leaders of Xuchang Development and Reform Commission, visited our company to guide and work.
Get to know Huida Yintong
Henan Huida Yintong Technology Co., Ltd. is currently located in the industrial cluster of Dazhou Town, Changge City, which is convenient for transportation, fertile fields, and the heart of the Central Plains industry. It is 40 kilometers away from Zhengzhou International Airport. The factory was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 36 million yuan, an investment scale of 170 million yuan, a factory area of 103 acres, 180 employees, complete supporting facilities, a superior operating environment, and obvious regional advantages. The comprehensive inspection is a professional, large-scale printing plate manufacturing enterprise.
"Thank you for staying with you all the way", Huida customer thank you meeting was successfully concluded
On May 5-8, 2017, Henan Huida Yintong Technology Co., Ltd. customer thank-you meeting was held in Shenghe Lijing, a five-star hotel in Changge. This meeting was highly appreciated by the government, enterprises, colleagues and customers. Let us relive the exciting moments of the meeting.

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