Discussion on Pre-press Production Experience


Mar 23,2020



1. Black Picture and Text

Under normal circumstances, black (K100) picture and text are directly overprinted on other color blocks. However, if the area of black picture and text is too large and printed on color blocks of different colors, overprinting should be done instead of overprinting, so as to avoid uneven black color tone.

2. Bar code

shall meet the requirements of bar code printing contrast in GB 12904-2008 "Commodity Bar Code Retail Commodity Code and Bar Code Representation" when making bar codes, and follow the color matching principle of deep and light bottom, I .e. black, blue, green and dark brown are used for bar colors, and white, yellow, red and orange are used for the bottom colors. There are 16 combinations of the two. If bar codes are printed on gold and silver cardboard and special paper, black bar color and white background color should be preferred when making, because gold and silver cardboard has specular reflection effect, and special paper itself may contain different colors and texture, so bar codes cannot be normally identified because one printing plate is saved. In addition, it should be noted that the width of the left and right blank areas of the bar code meets the requirements of GB 12904-2008.

3. Laser hot stamping

When making large-area field laser hot stamping products, because anodized aluminum sometimes produces bad hot stamping on the surface of the ink layer, the printing plate should be hollowed out to avoid problems such as false hot stamping and sand holes.

4. Gradient Effect

In prepress production, when using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW software to directly produce gradient effect, the gradient may not be smooth. At this time, Adobe Photoshop software should be selected for production, and 3~4 miscellaneous points should be added to the filter, so that the gradient effect produced is the best.

5. Bleeding

When making bleeding, when the color or pattern of the top cover of the carton is inconsistent with the dust cover on both sides, the bleeding at the intersection of the dust cover and the top cover should be at a 45 ° oblique angle.

6. Text Effect

When making text effects, text effects (such as underline, tilt, shadow, etc.) cannot be directly used, because all text must be converted into curves during hair arrangement, and all the above effects will be lost during conversion, so the text must be converted before making text effects.

7. Anti-white text

If there are small anti-white text in the dark background, it is necessary to "let the color" process according to the main color of the background color, so as to avoid double images caused by inaccurate overprinting. For example, when the dark background is C75M68Y67K90, the effect of the reverse white text depends to a large extent on K90, so a 0.08mm wide K90 border line can be made around the text, which can solve the overprinting problem of small text.