Happy mood, flying dreams to travel


Jan 21,2016



On September 15, 16 and 28 and 29, the autumn season was crisp and fruitful. The company organized all employees to travel to Jiguandong (national AAAAA scenic spot) and Chongdugou (national AAAA scenic spot) in two batches.

The annual employee group tour is one of the company's employee benefits. With the development of the company, the company attaches great importance to employee welfare and corporate culture construction, and continues to increase investment, fully reflecting the "people-oriented" development concept.

Jiguandong Scenic Area is located three kilometers west of Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan Province. The area is green in mountains, water, stone and cave. Jiguan cave is a natural limestone cave, geologically called "karst karst landform". At present, it has been proved that the cave is 5600 meters long and has five floors with a drop of 138 meters. The development hole is 1800 meters long and has an ornamental area of 23000 square meters. It is divided into eight scenic spots, named Yuzhutan, Yicai Hall, Dianwei Palace, Cave Tianhe, Juxianggong, Yaochi Palace, Zangxiu Pavilion and Shilin Square. Cave stalactite, stalagmite, stone pillar, stone curtain, stone waterfall, stone flower, stone shield, stone qin, lotus pond, transparent stone and other landscape, different forms, posture thousands. The dog keeps the moon, the carp plays in the water, the crocodile visits the birthday, the eight immortals crossing the sea, the golden tortoise crossing the immortal Weng... Natural interest, dizzying. In particular, the unique structural causes of the stone shield and the lotus pot are rare in the world and have extremely high scientific research value. The constant temperature in the cave is 18 ℃ all the year round. It is known as the "natural air conditioner". It is a good place for archaeology, curiosity, exploration, leisure and vacation.

Everyone wanders in the intoxicating art maze of Jiguan Cave, such as being in the dreamy fairyland of Qionglou Yuyu. Looking at those strange and lifelike stalactite sculptures, they are carved by the Creator with a magical hand. Although the process of gestating beauty is lonely and long, it has gone through vicissitudes of life, but when it appears, it is shocking and admirable. In the afternoon of

, after an hour's drive, we arrived at the scenic spot of Chongdugou. In the evening, accommodation is in the farmhouse courtyard, where the farmhouse food is delicious, the courtyard environment is quiet and the air is fresh. After the meal, the birds perched on the branches and the sun was setting. According to the plan, everyone gathered in the small square of the scenic spot and held a bonfire party. The meticulous preparation of the link and everyone's enthusiastic participation in the program, as well as the wonderful performances of other tourists in the scenic spot, pushed the bonfire party to the climax of one-day activities.

The next morning, everyone went to Chongdugou Scenic Area. The place name of Chongdu Ditch is said to have its origin: at the end of the Western Han Dynasty, Wang Mang usurped power and seized power, established a new dynasty, and the world was in chaos. Liu Xiu led an army to crusade and was defeated by Wang Mang in Nanyang Baihe Beach. When Wang Mang learned that Liu Xiu was a descendant of the Han Dynasty, he pursued and killed Liu Xiu. Liu Xiu fled to the Yi River in Funiu Mountain (now the southern edge of the Tantou Basin) and was blocked by the Yi River. Liu Xiu led his subordinates to cross the Yi River twice and saw an unnamed ditch. He sent his men to look for the locals, but no one was there. Liu Xiu said that we crossed the Yi River twice to come here. This ditch is called Chongdu Ditch. The golden words have not changed since then.

Chongdugou Scenic Area takes the lead in Central Plains with its unique water and bamboo resources. Within the scope of 60 square kilometers, tens of thousands of mu of bamboo forest is lush and green all the year round. It is born on the roadside of the village, and the rivers and ditches are forked, forming a thousands of meters long bamboo forest corridor landscape.

Everyone walked through the winding and rugged forest path, breathing the fresh mountain smell and enjoying the wild flowers blooming on the roadside, the green bamboo forest, the stained streams and the flying butterflies. Witnessing the beautiful mountain forest picture in the distance, it can be said that the forest is full of dyed, colorful, blooming flowers, and colorful; bamboo forests, forests, trees, and shrubs are row upon row, charming, and interesting. Everyone is intoxicated in the natural scenery of this early autumn, lingering and thinking...

This event, the company and the travel agency organized a strong, safe and orderly travel, employees in the enjoyment of the beautiful scenery at the same time, abide by the discipline, love the scenic flowers and trees, everywhere reflects the "Huida people" excellent quality. (Attached photos 1-10, after photo art processing, put 1-6 in the middle, other photos around, ring)