"Thank you for being with you all the way." Huida's customer thank-you meeting ended successfully.


Jan 03,2020



From May 5 to 8, 2017, the customer appreciation meeting of Henan Huida Yintong Technology Co., Ltd. was held ceremoniously in Changge Five-star Hotel Shenghe Lijing. The meeting was highly appreciated by the government, enterprises, colleagues and customers. Let us relive the exciting moments of the venue.

Main Meeting Place of 1.-Shenghe Lijing Hotel

2. Visit Company

1. Customers Depart from Hotel

2. Customers Arrive at Company

3. Chairman of the Board and Company Leader Greet Customers

4. Customers Visit Dormitory Building

5. Customers Visit Aluminum Roll Bank

6. Customers Visit Production Line

7. Customers visit the finished product warehouse

8. Customers visit the new production line

9. Customers rest and negotiate in the conference room on the fourth floor of the office building

10. Customers take a group photo

3. the customer appreciation meeting

1. Customers sign in as a souvenir

2. Opening dance

3. Chairman's speech

4 speech by leaders of Dazhou Town Government

5. Speech by leaders of Dazhou Industrial Agglomeration Area

6. Award of Royalty to Customers

7. Speech by Major Customers

8. Congratulations by Colleagues

9. Great Artist Wang Xiling Teacher Performance

10. Shaolin Wushu Performance

11. Long Line in Order Meeting

12. On-site lucky draw (third prize Huawei bracelet)

13. On-site lucky draw (second prize Huawei tablet)

4. customer appreciation dinner

customer admission

2. Chairman's toast

3. Jasmine

4. Opera prodigy

5. Acrobatic performance

6. Lucky Award (Bluetooth Headset)

7. first prize (huawei mate9)

8. chairman's toast

concluding remarks:

diligent government and enterprise units, thank you for your care and help for Huida. Dear Huida customers, thank you for your concern, recognition, trust and love for Huida all the time. Excellent Huida family, thank you for your silent and hard work in your work. It is with you that Huida has come to this day. Here, let's wish "Huida a better tomorrow"!