Printing 4.0 is not just a production concept for the printing industry.


Jan 20,2016



The printing industry likes to give its own name to new production concepts across industries-so instead of taking advantage of global technology trends, it develops its own niche (niche) market. To give two examples: We used the JDF concept to replace all other popular XML concepts in the industry. Eventually we had difficulty finding JDF professionals. There's also the buzzword "Web-to-Print". Now I have to explain to generations of college students that e-commerce configurators for print products are different from Web-to-Print.

We will feel that the printing industry is less innovative than Germany's leading automobile and machine manufacturing industries. If you have the opportunity to visit a medium-sized machine factory. There, the international market leader, you can see that there are more people dressed casually than we think. When visiting the Mercedes-Benz E-Class workshop, you will see that each car has a different configuration from the previous car. This is not new to us as a single maker.

Maybe this is related to a different industry. Perhaps there are some innovations that we have done earlier than other industries, so we have formed our own concepts.

My take on the buzzword industrial 4.0 is this: Many people in our industry go further than we think they do. Because for us, "network printing factory" is not a new thing. But now the main problem in the machine and automobile manufacturing industry is that there is no longer batch or special production using partially underutilized workstations, but through software-based networks, special production is cleverly run through the production floor at a high utilization rate.

Some people say that we can do this long ago! And also networking with our suppliers and production partners!

So can we get past the concept of industrial 4.0? I said no, because industrial 4.0 has more meaning and depth to the printing industry, so I made an exception and restated my concept: "Print 4.0" (print 4.0), which for the printing industry means more production ideas than just networking.

The printing 4.0 itself is a networked printing product. When a printed tag on the door of a hotel room contains printed electronic content, if the guest does not want to be disturbed, it is communicated to the waiter in numbers, and then an efficient service process is generated from it.

Printing 4.0 is a network of printing and online communications. If all media reach their potential and each media can measure its contribution to advertising effectiveness through a good reporting system, then cross-media marketing is an even greater contribution to the online environment of our industry.

Printing 4.0 is more than a production concept for the printing industry. It also relates to our products and services. Printing 4.0 is a concept with real value added.