Relive the difficult years and feel the spirit of the Red Flag Canal.


Jan 21,2016



In order to practice the "three stricts and three realities", enhance the party spirit of female cadres, broaden their thinking and vision, temper their good style, and sharpen their excellent character. On November 9-11, 2015, the Changge City Women's Federation organized nearly 40 female cadres at the section level in the city to conduct a three-day training at the Hongqiqu Cadre College. Ma Meiying, the operation director of

Company, went together as a model of women's entrepreneurship in Changge City. During the three-day training period, she visited the Red Flag Canal Memorial Hall and Youth Cave together, watched the performances of "Volley to Eliminate Risks" and "Iron Girl Playing Drill", watched the documentary, the drama "Red Flag Canal" and "Towering Mountain Stele. Yang Gui", and interviewed the canal repair model workers of that year, listen to their stories of building canals in hard times. With reverence, the students looked back at the difficult course of the construction of the Red Flag Canal, witnessed the pictures, objects and sculptures as historical witnesses, and personally experienced the fine quality of the Chinese Communists and the glorious tradition of the working people. the spirit of the Red Flag Canal, which worked hard, braved hardships and dangers, climbed bravely and surpassed itself, was deeply touched, inspired and inspired, and baptized and shocked the soul. Revisiting the difficult years and feeling the spirit of the Red Flag Canal is a serious party spirit education and a profound ideological baptism. Everyone said one after another that they should inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Red Flag Canal, be in the vanguard of consciously practicing the "three strictures and three truths," and put the spirit of the Red Flag Canal of self-reliance, hard struggle, unity and cooperation, and selfless dedication into practical work. we will constantly improve the cultivation of party spirit and the level of work, and be good cadres to the satisfaction of the people and enterprises.