Strengthening Responsibility, Highlighting Incentives, Shaping Internal Skill and Starting 2016


Mar 23,2020



On December 26, the company's 2016 "Work Objective Responsibility Letter" signing meeting was held in a large conference room, with more than 20 management personnel above the team leader participating. Changsong organized teachers from the system management consulting company to come to the scene to explain and guide. At the beginning of the

meeting, the teachers of Changsong Organization System Management Consulting Company combed and reviewed the contents of the company's introduction of organization system management, and explained in detail the method of compiling the contents of the Work Objective Responsibility Letter and the significance of signing it. Before the signing of

, Chairman Zhang Chaoyang made an important speech. It is pointed out that in the face of the increasingly severe economic situation and market conditions, Huida people can only be pragmatic and diligent, customer-centric, keep up with market demand, strictly abide by the bottom line of product quality, continuously develop new products, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company. At the forefront of the industry, while realizing the beautiful vision of a win-win situation between employees and the company. In the cheerful music, the company's senior management and director-level management positions, director-level and department-level management positions respectively signed the annual target responsibility letter.