Jan 03,2020

"Thank you for being with you all the way." Huida's customer thank-you meeting ended successfully.

From May 5 to 8, 2017, the customer appreciation meeting of Henan Huida Yintong Technology Co., Ltd. was held ceremoniously in Changge Five-star Hotel Shenghe Lijing. The meeting was highly appreciated by the government, enterprises, colleagues and customers. Let us relive the exciting moments of the venue.

Jan 03,2020

Let's get to know Huida Yitong

Henan Huida Yitong Technology Co., Ltd. is now located in the industrial agglomeration area of Dazhou Town, changge city, the central plains industrial capital with convenient transportation, fertile fields and outstanding people. It is adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, 107 National Highway and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in the west, 40 kilometers north of Zhengzhou International Airport. It was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 36 million yuan, an investment scale of 0.17 billion yuan, a factory area of 103 mu, 180 employees, complete supporting implementation, superior operating environment and obvious regional advantages, it is a professional and large-scale printing plate manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and comprehensive inspection.

Jan 03,2020

[Huida News] Leaders of Provincial Development and Reform Commission Visit Huida to Guide Work

On the afternoon of August 16, leaders such as Wang Yijie and Li Zifeng of Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, accompanied by Zhang Bingjun of Xuchang Development and Reform Commission, visited our company to guide our work.

Mar 23,2020

Discussion on Pre-press Production Experience

As the first process of the printing process, prepress production plays a very important role in the whole printing process.

Jan 20,2016

Printing 4.0 is not just a production concept for the printing industry.

The printing industry likes to give its own name to new production concepts across industries-so instead of taking advantage of global technology trends, it develops its own niche (niche) market.

Mar 23,2020

Strengthening Responsibility, Highlighting Incentives, Shaping Internal Skill and Starting 2016

On December 26, the company's 2016 "responsibility for work objectives" signing meeting was held in a large conference room, with more than 20 management personnel above the team leader participating. Changsong organized teachers from the system management consulting company to come to the scene to explain and guide.

Mar 23,2020

Xi Bao: in December, under the overall weak national economic environment and poor industry conditions, the company broke through the sales target of 1 million square meters.

Xi Bao: in December, under the overall weak national economic environment and poor industry conditions, the company broke through the sales target of 1 million square meters. And the product structure has undergone major changes. In 2014, the original and recycled versions of 150000 square meters were sold and replaced by UV products with higher prices and better performance. Since 2014, with the completion and commissioning of two more automated and fully functional production lines in the new plant, it has strongly supported the company's production capacity improvement and product upgrading, realizing the transformation from low-end product processing of recycled versions to mass production of UV and heat-sensitive high-end products, especially with domestic top-end equipment.

Jan 21,2016

Relive the difficult years and feel the spirit of the Red Flag Canal.

In order to practice the "three stricts and three realities", enhance the party spirit of female cadres, broaden their thinking and vision, temper a good style of work, and sharpen their excellent character. On November 9-11, 2015, the Changge City Women's Federation organized nearly 40 female cadres at the section level in the city to conduct a three-day training at the Hongqiqu Cadre College. Ma Meiying, the company's chief operating officer, went together as a model of women's entrepreneurship in Changge City. During the three-day training period, he visited the Red Flag Canal Memorial Hall and the Youth Cave, watched the performances of "Volley to Eliminate Risks" and "Iron Girl to Play Drill". I watched the documentary, the drama "Red Flag Canal" and "The Towering Mountain. Yang Gui", and the scene

Jan 21,2016

Organization System Management Full-line Import Mechanism Reform Stimulate Team Vitality

On October 6, all employees gathered in the company's large conference room, and the "Organization System Management" kick-off meeting was held here. Zhang Chaoyang, chairman of the company, first pointed out at the kick-off meeting that this management mechanism reform is a major event in the company's development milestone. Under the background of today's social development and economic environment, a "transformation" must be carried out ". If there is no change, personal responsibilities, rights, and benefits cannot be matched more scientifically; if there is no change, our team will gradually lose its fighting spirit; if there is no change, the company's operation will not make a big breakthrough; if there is no change, The company's development cannot last. Zhang also cited examples that are easy to understand, and made a clear explanation of the background and role of the introduction of "Organization System Management" in the company. At the same time, it also depicts the bright prospects of employees' personal income and the growth of the company's team after this mechanism change. Next, the consulting teacher of Changsong's "Organization System Management" gave a systematic explanation on the introduction of the management mechanism, pointing out that the introduction of "Organization System Management" can help enterprises-plan their vision, divide their departments and find their positions. Division of responsibilities, distribution of work content and importance, and qualifications; Fair distribution, activation of talents and creation of more profits; Systematic assessment from the superior to the lowest level, achieve goals, improve quality and challenge limits; Find talents who match their positions and find long-term partners. Strategic career channels, formulation of promotion standards, quantitative standards, and employment of talents; Full staff training and learning system. At the same time, let enterprises carry out enterprise system construction to solve the problems of enterprise organization, enterprise work analysis and responsibility, salary design, performance management, recruitment, training, employee career planning and so on. It is a management system and tool that can bring long-term profits to enterprises, improve management maturity, adapt to enterprise expansion and avoid enterprise risks, and activate talents at all levels. During the explanation, the teacher also listed the problems and solutions that are often encountered in the work, which makes people open up and bright. Finally, Mr. Zhang requested that the introduction of "Organization System Management" in the company was decided by the company's decision-making level through scientific demonstration and research. In the process of introduction, there will be some difficulties. We must have the determination and boldness of vision to "build bridges when encountering water and open roads when encountering mountains". We will not learn from teachers and can always learn. Where the road is blocked, it will be cleared, and if you don't change your mind, you will be replaced. The members of the project team (heads of departments) should take a high sense of responsibility to the company and all employees, not take the form, pragmatically promote the implementation of this mechanism introduction, and earnestly complete the phased basic work. All employees should cooperate closely. Before the end of December, the system plan will be finalized and fully implemented in January 2016. Through this conference, all employees were impressed by the tremendous power generated by the advanced management mechanism, soberly aware of the urgency of mechanism reform, and deeply aware that there is still a big gap between individuals and teams from the maturity of scientific management. There are still flaws in the work, management is still relatively difficult, and the potential has yet to be developed. Only by setting sail and turning pressure into motivation can we achieve faster personal growth and more benefits, and the vision of building a beautiful Huida home will be realized as soon as possible.

Jan 21,2016

"Pattern" knowledge competition, boost production safety

On October 11, according to the implementation plan of the company's safety production activity month, in the company's large conference room, more than 40 employees from the administration department gathered together to separate camps and conducted a unique competition on safety production knowledge. This safety knowledge contest is divided into five teams: administration, sales, finance, warehouse, cutting and packaging, and production logistics. The activity is divided into three parts: department must answer questions, rush to answer questions, and balloon blowing time-limited answers. In the competition and answer activities, the teams enthusiastically rushed to answer, and the fierce scene of blowing balloons in the time-limited answer session brought the activity to a climax. In the end, the administration department won the first place with a score of 78.5 points. This competition activity enabled employees to review the basic knowledge of safe production in an atmosphere of entertaining and entertaining; at the same time, through the wonderful competition of other employees, the knowledge of safe production was also increased. Thus, boost the company's production safety work more solid.