The power of the flag, the call of example


Jan 21,2016



Banner's Power Model

-Advocating Advanced, Following Model, Embodying Fairness, Unity and Pragmatism

Since 2014, the "Daily Management Evaluation of Employees", a management plan of "striving for excellence", has been further promoted throughout the company for more than a year. With the help of the work node in the first half of 2015, this work is sorted out and summarized.

"Staff Daily Management Evaluation" is a yardstick and tool to measure the staff's work quality every day. Basic management cadres can timely affirm and praise the staff's work performance, and at the same time, provide timely guidance and correction to work mistakes and deviations. In this way, through the accumulation of daily assessment follow-up, and gradually improve the overall quality of staff, self-cultivation and work skills. At the end of the year, it can also present "excellent employees" fairly, fairly, transparently and openly, further creating a positive energy atmosphere for the team.

"Staff Daily Management Evaluation" is running well or not, and it is also a measure of the quality of the work of the department's grass-roots management cadres. Whether they can accept the entrustment of the company and their superiors, according to the established work process and work standards, pragmatic and serious evaluation, guidance and help their employees to work and grow up! Managers who cannot evaluate, guide and help subordinates lose the purpose of setting up this management position in the company. They are incompetent and need to grow up first!

The purpose of this summary and publicity of the "Daily Management Evaluation of Employees" in the first half of the year is to urge grass-roots management cadres to pay attention to daily work, find problems, reward the good and punish the bad, strictly implement, improve the work, and the grass-roots management standards are unified and open and transparent. Play the role of correcting the daily work of employees, stimulating personal potential and promoting the positive atmosphere of the team! Consolidate and expand the results of the pioneering and striving for excellence activities, promote the normalization and long-term effectiveness of "pioneering and striving for excellence", effectively strengthen the company's grassroots organization construction, and further form the whole company to see the best, advocate advanced, learn advanced, and strive to be Advanced good atmosphere. In this way, promote the implementation of many systems in the company and departments, and become the propeller of the company's development.

As a precious spirit and a value orientation, it is never-ending to create the first and strive for excellence. To consolidate and expand the results of the implementation of the "Employee Daily Management Evaluation", we need to persevere and make unremitting efforts. All of us should make it a habit to be the first to strive for excellence, never relax the consciousness of striving for advanced, and never lose the motivation to strive for excellence. It is necessary to take pioneering and striving for excellence as a regular work, and closely integrate "pioneering and striving for excellence" with the company system and the actual work of the department with innovative consciousness and pragmatic spirit, so that it will continue to become the "engine" to promote the development of grassroots organizations. A stage for Huida people's radical style.