Strengthen safety production


Jan 21,2016



to strengthen the safety of production: since the beginning of the summer, the temperature rise, dry goods, fire prone. According to the company's annual plan and in combination with the national production safety situation, executive vice president Gao Weifeng organized the administrative department to inspect and repair the fire fighting facilities and equipment in the factory area. Eight dry powder fire extinguishers, six carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and one carbon dioxide fire extinguishing cart were added to the newly-added production area, and emergency lights and indicator lights for evacuation routes were added. And all departments, using the morning meeting time, conducted training and drills on the use of fire hydrants.

Gao always explained the importance of safe production to enterprises and families, the hazards of fire accidents, the types of fire fighting equipment, the initial fire fighting methods, the operation methods and action essentials of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. The departments participating in the training conducted drills on the use of fire hydrants in turn, and corrected the improper use on the spot. Through this training and exercise, all staff have mastered the correct use of fire-fighting equipment and facilities, enhanced their psychological quality in the face of danger, and improved their sense of responsibility and practical skills in production safety.