Spring flowers bloom in willow green, plant greening for new color


Mar 24,2020



In March, the Central Plains is full of vitality everywhere. Spring brings the hope of all things growing, with the enchanting warmth of Yingge, striding towards us.

In this thriving spring, it is the best season for greening. The main purpose of plant greening is to create a hygienic, clean and beautiful environment, which is conducive to the work, rest and physical and mental health of employees, and at the same time improve the microclimate. It is the main way to prevent and control "three wastes" (waste gas, waste water, solid waste) pollution. With the full use of the new factory area, in order to create a more warm and beautiful working and living environment for all employees, the company attaches great importance to the greening of the factory area, with the chairman of the board of directors in charge and a special person in charge. The total investment is 1.05 million yuan. The factory area will be afforested in the spring of 2014 and 2015 respectively.

After the beautification of the factory, the appearance of a "green". Looking around, the evergreen green space occupies a 1/3 of the factory area, and each factory building is surrounded by green belts and green trees. Each house is hidden in green trees and flowers, reflecting the "poetic dwelling". In March of Yangchun, the lawn is green, the laurel trees are more verdant, and the peach blossoms are burning, making the scenery more pleasant. In his spare time, the beautiful factory environment is a relaxing garden, but also a beautiful scenery for employees to relax and entertain in their spare time. Publicity slogans such as corporate culture, management system and production safety can be seen everywhere in billboards, workshops, office buildings and apartment buildings. People can see them in their eyes, remember them in their hearts and put them into action, leading and encouraging the behavior habits and value orientation of every employee. Today, Huida's corporate culture is well known to everyone, the factory environment is becoming more and more beautiful, the behavior of employees is becoming more and more standardized, and the environmental construction is further sublimated. The warm, harmonious and ecological atmosphere brings all employees together, stimulates and mobilizes the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, and lays a solid foundation for promoting the sustainable development of the company.