Flying Dreams, Sailing "Company Held Ceremoniously in 2014


Mar 24,2020



On February 16, the sun was shining and the spring was full. The company's 2014 annual meeting was held ceremoniously in Changge Hotel. The company's chairman Zhang Chaoyang, general manager Ma Meiying and all employees gathered together for more than 130 people to participate in the grand event. The meeting was presided over by Executive Vice President Gao Weifeng and was divided into three parts: annual work summary and plan, commendation and award, and performance of cultural programs. The meeting was tense and orderly, serious and lively. While earnestly, objectively and comprehensively summarizing the work in 2014, it made reasonable, effective and detailed work planning and deployment for the work in 2015. The meeting achieved remarkable results and the staff responded well.

1, Looking Back: In order to better move forward

Looking back on the 2014, the company's various tasks have been newly upgraded, Line A has achieved stable production, Line B equipment installation is nearing completion, and logistics support has been steadily improved. Over the past year, in the face of the severe economic situation, the company has adhered to the work idea of "seeking progress while maintaining stability", vigorously implemented the development strategy of scientific management, centered on improving product quality, consolidated basic management as the foundation, and comprehensively promoted corporate management. Certain results. At the meeting, sales minister Pang Xiaolong, general manager of production Ding Zhigu and executive vice president Gao Weifeng respectively summarized and reviewed the sales, production and operation work in 2014. At the meeting, Ma Meiying, general manager of

, pointed out the problems existing in the company's work in 2014, made a comprehensive deployment of various tasks in 2015, clearly expounded the guiding ideology, annual objectives and work priorities of the company's next work, and put forward specific requirements for doing a good job in the whole year. It is required to continue to adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability in 2014, focusing on ensuring production line a as the main production position (strengthening basic management and improving product quality), fully supporting the construction of new projects for production line B (striving for trial operation in the second quarter and stable production in the third quarter), and aiming at enhancing comprehensive strength (continuing to improve logistics support capability and service), personnel training, salary change and other aspects to make detailed plans and arrangements.

Chairman Zhang Chaoyang made an important speech at the meeting. In his speech, he carefully analyzed the current industry and enterprise development situation, and described the company's bright development prospects. He called on every Huida person to dare to have dreams, dare to pursue dreams, and be diligent in realizing dreams, adhering to the company's core values of "integrity, pragmatism, reason, diligence, and responsibility", taking customers as the center, and building Huida brand as its own responsibility. Work hard, pursue unremittingly, and use hard work and sweat to create a brighter and better tomorrow for Huida.

2, Motivation: Motivation for Progress

In order to commend the advanced, set an example, and encourage all employees to forge ahead actively and forge ahead, the company selects "outstanding employees" every year. This year, the quota allocation has been increased, and 15 "outstanding employees" and their families in 2014 have been commended. Over the past year, every achievement made by Huida people is inseparable from the efforts and support of all employees and the support of their families. It is these forces that the company will continue to move forward and develop.

In the awarding session, bonuses and prizes were awarded to seniority awards, bonus awards and outstanding employees. By the end of the year, the total number of employees in the company was 135, of which 106 were awarded seniority bonuses, accounting for 76% of the employees. More than 40 managers at all levels were awarded bonus. Award-winning employees have expressed that they must continue to improve their cultural literacy and professional skills, use higher standards to demand themselves, guard against arrogance and rashness, make persistent efforts, and continue to improve.

3, Leap: It is to release your dream and set sail happily

Steed resigns his year and makes unremitting progress for thousands of miles. Ji Yang offers his new year and welcomes happy Wanjiachun. The Spring Festival is a grand festival of the Chinese nation. The final performance of the conference pushed the annual meeting to a climax, and the venue was immersed in a sea of joy. There are many types of art programs, such as songs, square dance, three and a half sentences, cucurbit flute performance, etc., which are created and rehearsed by the employees of the company by taking advantage of the working time. The content is positive and the form is lively and pleasant, which fully reflects the desire of Huida people to look forward to a better life.

With the help of the spring breeze of the annual meeting, all the staff, with their dreams and blessings, turned their expectations and longings into the driving force to cut through thorns and set sail. 2015, Huida people will work together through thick and thin, consolidate basic management, and produce results in a pragmatic and intensive manner; you and I will work together to create the "Huida Dream"!