"14th CPPCC session" on the development of industrial agglomeration area?


Mar 01,2016



It is well known that Changge's industrial development is vigorous, especially the two industrial clusters are both provincial-level industrial clusters, which are rare in the counties (cities) of the province. The annual "two sessions" on how to develop industrial agglomeration areas are hot topics.

The following are Zhang Chaoyang, member of the CPPCC Committee of changge city and chairman of Huida Photosensitive,'s personal views on the future development of Changge Industrial Agglomeration Area:

Henan Huida Company has newly produced 10 million square meters of PS version project last year, maintaining the leading position in the industry's equipment and technology in China.

According to Zhang Chaoyang, a member of the CPPCC and chairman of Huida Photosensitive, the most basic condition for the promotion of the Dazhou Industrial Cluster is that the enterprises in the park continue to improve their competitiveness and maintain their industry advantages.

"There are a number of enterprises in the park that are taken out to be the top one, then the comprehensive strength of our park is definitely the first team. As far as Huida Photosensitive is concerned, this year, we are preparing to implement the second phase of the enterprise project with an annual output of 10 million square meters of PS version of the project, to speed up the pace of the company's transformation, but also to further enhance the company's core competitiveness and profits." Zhang Chaoyang said.

It is understood that Huida Photosensitive Phase I Project is a PS version project with an annual output of 20 million square meters. Construction began at the end of 2014 and has been fully put into production. Its production scale and product technology content are among the top in the industry.

"Phase II project is the most advanced double-coated product in the industry at present. Its obvious advantage is that the printing resistance rate of PS version is significantly improved, which can be enhanced by 30% to 50%, which will effectively save the cost of printing consumables for downstream enterprises and improve the cost performance of products." Zhang Chaoyang said, "Generally speaking, if the ordinary PS version is printed 10000 newspapers and replaced once, the double picture product can be replaced after 15000 newspapers. Once the product is launched, the market demand must be very large. We strive to form large-scale production within the year and occupy a dominant position in the industry."

"In less than 2 years, the company has been granted 28 patents, and in the second half of this year, we are preparing to develop a no-flush CTP plate. This is also a major innovation in industry technology, which can eliminate the flushing process during plate making, reduce the generation of chemical waste liquid, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of environmentally friendly products." Zhang Chaoyang said.

Zhang Chaoyang said that in 2016, Huida Photosensitive will expand its product share in Eastern Europe and East Asia. The company's total sales in the international market will increase from 8% to 12%, thus enhancing its position in the international market.