Summary of the 2015 Annual Meeting and Endeavour in 2016


Mar 02,2016



Time flies, the stars change, the brilliant 2015 has passed, and 2016, full of hope and challenges, is quietly approaching. Today (February 4, 2016), all our employees of Huida gathered at Shenghe Regent Hotel to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival. In the past year, under the correct leadership of Chairman Zhang Chaoyang and all cadres, as well as the concerted efforts of our staff, we have made great efforts to forge ahead, strive for strength, blaze new trails, have the courage to reform, increase technical investment and strive to open up the market.

We specially invited Zhang Liruo, director of changge city Women's Federation, to gather with us.

Chairman Zhang Chaoyang's summary of the past year:

In the past year, facing the severe situation of the world economic downturn, the slowdown of domestic economic growth, the decline of printing industry demand, the extremely fierce price war and the increasing pressure of enterprise operation, we carefully analyzed, actively responded, strengthened our confidence and faced difficulties, established the business policy of "optimizing structure, improving quality and reducing costs, expanding the market, and striving for benefits", in-depth development of the "Quality and Benefit Year" activities, vigorously implementing quality improvement projects and cost control projects, improving quality and reducing costs, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, and improving product competitiveness; Actively respond to market changes, vigorously promote market development, and strive to control domestic and foreign markets; increase publicity and education on situations and tasks, and continuously mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees, we went all out to overcome all kinds of difficulties, paid more hard work and sweat than in previous years, and achieved hard-won results. The scale of production and sales has been further expanded, and the operating income has increased steadily; the sales of leading products have achieved rapid growth, and the quality of new products has been significantly improved; the product structure has been further optimized, and the product quality has been steadily improved; the safety production situation has been stable; the construction of corporate culture has been carried out in depth, and the cohesion of employees The centripetal force continues to increase; party building work and party style and clean government construction escort the development. While summing up the achievements, we should clearly see that there are still some shortcomings and gaps in the development of enterprises. In view of the existing problems, effective measures should be taken in the new year to solve and improve.

In the new year, in the face of opportunities and challenges, we must change our development concepts, innovate development models, improve the quality of development, and take forward steps in a down-to-earth manner. We should not only see the existing problems and challenges, enhance the sense of hardship, but also strengthen the confidence to win and actively take measures to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. It is necessary to further expand the market, innovate marketing models, broaden marketing channels, explore new means and methods, and achieve new breakthroughs in domestic and foreign markets; continue to implement quality improvement projects and cost control projects to further improve product competitiveness; use technological innovation to promote product upgrades Replacement, to provide strong support for the rapid increase of new products to ensure growth and create benefits; optimize management processes, innovate management methods, and comprehensively promote the development of production and operation; actively explore new growth methods, optimize the industrial chain, and promote the rapid expansion and strengthening of the enterprise; continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, and strive to build an excellent workforce that meets the needs of the long-term development of the enterprise; the party building work, party style and clean government construction and enterprise production The operation work is closely integrated, and both hands are correct to ensure the smooth operation of production and operation.

Flowers are similar year after year, but people are different year after year. Standing at a new starting point, sway confidence and strength; Facing the new normal, be responsible and responsible. Let us shoulder the important task of developing Huida, with the spirit of reform and innovation, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties, and work hard to realize the Huida dream of "enterprise development and employee happiness!

Operations Director Ma Meiying explained the award requirements.

Chairman Zhang Chaoyang and Operations Director Ma Meiying took a photo with outstanding employees and their families

followed by a grand song and dance performance