Model Show Elegance, Labor Create Beauty-Changge Huida Staff Zhao Hongyu's Deeds


Apr 16,2016



On April 29, the warm spring, sunny and red sun added a touch of color to the sunny day. The 10th National Committee (Expanded) Meeting of the 12th Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the May 1st Labor Medal Commendation Conference was grandly held in Changge Convention and Exhibition Center. The meeting was presided over by Jia Zhaowu, party secretary and vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. Comrade Zhao Hongyu of our company and the winners from all over the city were commended for wearing bright red ribbons. Comrade Zhao Hongyu

joined the company on October 29, 2013 and has been working in the grass-roots post of production line B. He does not have earth-shattering feats, but he has a rooted, down-to-earth mentality and a perseverance and enterprising craftsman spirit. Due to the hard work, the company has been selected as "excellent employees" many times, is a typical representative of the company's grass-roots line.

In the past three years, Comrade Zhao Hongyu has deeply infected and inspired every employee around him with his highly responsible attitude and dedication to work, and has played an exemplary and leading role. He is just an ordinary employee in the production line of the company, and his deeds are not earth-shattering, but ordinary breeds nobility and small shows that he is broad. He has integrated his sincerity to Huida into his actions and made outstanding achievements in ordinary jobs. Behind him, there are a series of solid and shining footprints.