When the golden rooster gives the good news, foreign trade gets off to a good start.


Jan 10,2017




Accompanied by the company's leaders and foreign trade team, Egyptian customers visited the company's raw material warehouse, production workshop, quality inspection center and finished product warehouse according to the production process. The two guests from afar expressed high appreciation for the company's scale, strength, product quality and quality inspection capabilities, and expressed that they would place an order immediately to achieve cooperation.

After the visit, the chairman of Huida Company introduced Huida Company's foreign trade strategy to Mohammed. In the future, the company will gradually expand the overseas market with refined management, advanced technology and steady operation, bringing customers the best quality products and services. In the mutual exchange, Mohammed also put forward valuable opinions on the company's products according to the local market situation in Egypt. At the same time, he also hoped that the two sides could cooperate sincerely in the future, achieve mutual benefit and achieve win-win results.


is not only Egypt, but in just a few years, Huida's customer base has grown to dozens of countries and regions in the world. This is inseparable from Huida's business philosophy of "making efficient and high-quality products and pursuing win-win cooperation". In the future, huida will still open its arms and serve customers with better plates. At the same time, friends from all over the world are welcome to visit the company and discuss cooperation.