Let's get to know Huida Yitong


Sep 10,2019



Henan Huida Yitong Technology Co., Ltd. is now located in the industrial agglomeration area of Dazhou Town, changge city, the industrial capital of the Central Plains with convenient transportation, rich fields and outstanding people. It is adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, 107 National Highway and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in the west, 40 kilometers north of Zhengzhou International Airport. It was built in 2003 with a registered capital of 36 million yuan, an investment scale of 0.17 billion yuan, a factory area of 103 mu, 180 employees, complete supporting facilities and a superior business environment, regional advantages, is a research and development, production, comprehensive inspection as one of the professional, large-scale printing plate manufacturing enterprises. Company production, sales of products are printing with ordinary PS version (conventional), high-end CTP version (UV-CTP, thermal-CTP). Among them, the product performance of UV-CTP and thermal-CTP plates meets international standards, with a domestic market share of 8%, and are exported to more than a dozen countries such as Eastern Europe and ASEAN. Due to the right products and high quality, the current production and sales of enterprises are booming, and the supply of products exceeds demand. At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, the company independently developed 8 m/min and 12 m/min recycled version production lines. The process was mature and stable. The production scale formed a domestic recycled version production base in 2010, which made outstanding contributions to the development of local circular economy. In the face of honor, the company did not meet and stop. According to the changes in market demand, the company invested more than 4000 million yuan and a large amount of manpower. In 2012, 2013, and 2014, it added 18 m/min, 25 m/min, and double coating Three reel production lines of 35 m/min, of which the double coating 35 m/min reel production line is at the equipment level of the same industry in China, it has realized the product upgrade and enterprise transformation from single-line production of recycled version to reel line production of high-end plate material. The company's current annual output can reach 20 million square meters, of which mid-range UV-CTP products reach 8 million square meters/year output, high-end thermal-CTP products reach 6 million square meters/year output. Products have won market recognition and praise, market share of 20% per year to expand rapidly. The upgrading and transformation of production equipment and the development and stable production of medium and high-end products have enabled enterprises to have a strong driving force for large-scale development. After the project is fully put into production, it can reach an annual output of 30 million square meters, an output value of 0.6 billion billion yuan, and a labor force of 300 people, ranking the top five in the domestic industry. Independent innovation is the driving force for the company's development. The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, invests special funds and personnel, and established Xuchang high-performance printing plate engineering technology research and development center in 2014. At present, the center has 21 professional and technical personnel of various types, 12 middle and senior professional and technical personnel, the center covers an area of 350 square meters, and the training site is 280 square meters. It has more than 20 professional research and development, testing and testing instruments and equipment, worth nearly 3 million yuan. At the same time, the center introduces high-end technical talents in the industry or cooperates with colleges and universities in production, learning, and research to lay a technical foundation for the company's long-term development; more than 30 patent applications have been approved, and 19 have been approved; in 2014, the company was approved for science and technology in Henan Province Small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative enterprises, and high-tech enterprises are actively applying. The company's products adopt high-quality aluminum plate base and international advanced multi-layer yarn mesh technology, product quality is stable, with good level reduction, strong anti-pollution, high resolution and strong printing resistance. Product quality has reached the national HG/T2694-2003 standards, but also through the ISO-9001 international quality system certification. In all parts of the country and even the world in the printing industry has produced a strong resonance, and achieved good results. Quality, price and time are the service tenet of our Huida company; credit, coordination and cooperation are the foundation of our Huida company; unity, innovation and truth-seeking are the enterprise spirit of our Huida company. We will, as always, continue to carry out technological innovation, standardized operation, scientific management, and come up with higher output, better quality, and more reasonable price services to repay the elites of the printing industry. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to come to the company to discuss cooperation and seek common development. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to guide the work, we look forward to your presence!