[Huida Express] Provincial Department of Natural Resources Visited the Company


Jun 07,2020



On June 5, Director Zhang of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources visited the company, accompanied by Chairman Zhang Chaoyang and heads of relevant departments. Zhang Chaoyang, chairman of

, reported the company's current development and land use projects. Director Zhang of

fully affirmed the development of our company in recent years, and hoped that our company, Do not forget your initiative mind, would make persistent efforts and do all kinds of work well. Finally, Mr. Zhang expressed his deep gratitude to the government and relevant functional departments for their long-term support to Huida Yitong. He said that while the company continues to improve its production and operation, it will also better fulfill its social responsibilities, strive to practice the new development concept, take the road of green development, make full use of land resources, and make greater contributions to local economic development.