[Huida Culture] Dragon Boat Festival allows you to be in good health all your life!


Jun 26,2020



Dragon Boat Festival is a festival

Dragon Boat Festival, it is a kind of feeling


Dragon Boat Festival is Qu Yuan

in Chinese textbooks. It is a skillful way of making zongzi by mother and grandmother


Dragon Boat Festival is a drifting ticket

carrying the dust of time and missing home

Middle age

Dragon Boat Festival is a three-day holiday after working overtime and busy

is the smile raised by the corners of the mouth when the child first tastes zongzi

Old age

Dragon Boat Festival is a concern for children away from home

is eager for family reunion yin Yin hopes that

will pass the Dragon Boat Festival every year, year after year, year after year, the fragrance of brown. Dragon Boat Festival, especially miss the screen friends along the way, not relatives, better than relatives, space companionship, each other warm, is the most beautiful edge. There are always some friends in life who are most cherished, and there are always some days in life that are unforgettable. Love is in my heart, silent and warm, love is in my heart, missing is beautiful, cherish the sincerity and touch that can be seen everywhere in life, cherish the relatives and friends who have passed together in life, sincerely wish the employees who accompany Huida's growth, customers and suppliers all the best, a happy and safe life, and the Dragon Boat Festival all the best!