[Huida Culture] Don't forget history, the party is in my heart!


Jul 01,2020




Celebrates 99th Anniversary of CPC

in that era of heavy gunfire, A group of young people in the prime of life, for the ideal together. The Chinese Communist Party was born.

"July 1" is the party's birthday, which was first seen in the central document in June 1941. At that time, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Instructions on the 20th Anniversary of the Birth of the Communist Party of China and the Fourth Anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War." The instruction said: "July 1 this year is the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and July 7 is the fourth anniversary of China's War of Resistance against Japan. Each anti-Japanese base area should convene meetings separately, adopt various methods, hold commemorations, and publish special issues or special issues in various publications". This is the first document made in the name of the CPC Central Committee to commemorate "July 1" as the party's birthday.

The birth of the Communist Party of China opened up a new era in the development of Chinese history and gave the Chinese revolution a new look.

During the Anti-Japanese War, due to environmental difficulties, it was impossible to check the exact date of the "First National Congress" (after textual research, it was concluded that the "First National Congress" was held on July 23, 1921). Therefore, in 1941, the Party Central Committee decided to hold the "Fourth National Congress" and determined July 1, the first day of July 1921, as the Party's birthday and anniversary.

The wheels of history roll forward, and the years of artillery fire are gone with the passage of time. Now is a new era, an era in which we are struggling with greater ideals, but the days of the founding of the Communist Party of China, which belongs to the core of socialism with Chinese characteristics, should always be kept in mind.

Salute to the Communist Party of China!